Kittens at Easter

It was a nice sunny day here in California and the kittens got to go outside into the back yard.

Earlier, I again brought Anna into my bedroom while I took a shower and got dressed, locking out the other cats.  She found the back of the closet, but just when I was fearing she was hiding out she came out and continued poking around various corners of the room.

I forget what kind of perennial flowers these are, they were planted many years ago.  They are the limpest flowers ever – neither the leaves or flowers stand up at all and flop sideways.

Davout spent a lot of time guarding the rock path from intruders.

He moved on to the messy back part of the yard, where the gate is almost covered up by the overgrown ornamental grass.

Rhea didn’t make a move to jump the wall today.  I don’t know if Davout contributed to that by guarding the tree she uses to climb out.

Mid afternoon both of them chilled out on the table together.

Davout got spooked and left Rhea alone.

And Davout was back on the rocks.


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2 Responses to Kittens at Easter

  1. Andrea Kenner says:

    If those are lilies (and it looks like they might be), you might want to be careful about letting your cats near them. Lilies are especially poisonous to cats.


  2. They look so beautiful and calm!😺


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