Davout and Rhea had a little dance today.  Rhea was up on the shelf nook above the bathroom door and Davout starting humming and murping at her from down below.  Eventually she came down to meet him and they did a little walk around this cat tree.

Davout has been a good boy since the last post.  Last night at bedtime I went to visit Anna and she was bold enough to stroll around the upstairs.  While she was visiting room after room I heard Davout’s special meow from below. Peeking over the rail Davout was holding her back to keep her from going up to bug Anna.  By the time she got out of it, Anna was heading back to her safe room.

Then this evening Rhea was creeping up to Anna’s gate and Davout got her again, special meow and all.

I have also been encouraged by letting Anna visit in my room as I get dressed.  The other cats don’t seem to mind, and Rhea even seems to like invading Anna’s room rather than hanging around outside the closed door.

Anna is a bit fidgety in my room, inspecting all over the place and peering in corners.  But she does seem to enjoy it.  I’ll have to get the camera on her next time I do it.

Not all the pictures are boring, though.

Davout did get some time fighting with the camera strap.  Still the number one cat toy ever made.


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  1. Anne daigle says:

    Sweet boy!


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