Busy Night

It started with a quick outside visit by the kittens.  Davout got enough grass to spit up later.

Rhea was a bit more involved outside, but soon was back inside.

About midevening  I went in to check on Anna and she zoomed straight out.  After a little exploring she took up residence under the bed, and she’s tough to get out.  I decided to shut the door with me outside and let her stew.

But after one of my checks, Rhea found a way to push the door open and went under the bed after Anna.  It took me a while to figure out the thumping of the smacking paws on the ceiling downstairs was a cat fight.

I put Rhea in another room, and fished Anna out from the bed and even brought her downnstairs.

That didn’t last long, but rather than go under the bed she camped in my bedroom closet, finally climbing on top of the bureau.  This used to be a favorite spot on Saturday afternoons when the kittens were too shy to get up in her face.

One other advantage of this place is I was able to cut out a pair of tummy mats, with only a few wounds to show for it.

Davout made all sorts of strange faces when things were going on upstairs but wisely left them to it.

Rhea dug at her door a while before I let her out and took Anna back to her room.  She seemed a bit wired after all this so I gave her a dose of calming medicine.

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  1. That’s quite a crew you have there!!😹

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