Upstairs Drama

Anna fooled me a bit this morning.  She didn’t rush out of the room as she has tended to do, so I went about the morning feeding routine.  Then I heard a fracas from my room.  I had left the gate open since Rhea was downstairs eating breakfast.

Turns out Anna had make a delayed rush into my room and Rhea had chased her in.  Anna had wedged herself to a small gap between a desk and the wall and was standing up on her back legs like an angry bear.  Rhea was about a foot away planning another rush.

After separating the two, Anna went on to my walk in closet to hang out and I had to watch out for Rhea invasions.  She has learned to open my closed double bedroom doors by pushing in the middle hard.  The bolt lock on top hasn’t been used in 15 years.

So I had to just watch her and head her off if she crept around towards the bathroom.  The picture is from an attempt to gain a delay with an orange blanket.

Anna didn’t seem to mind much, and we had a few play skirmishes when I checked on her. Then she was put back in her room to eat breakfast.

Later, when it was time to see what she was up to after her dinner, I brought Davout along.

Anna was only a little grumpy at him, which he politely ignored.

He got down out of her line of vision and got some playtime in.

Anna’s red cord is very enticing!

Once you get one end down the other is easy-peasy.

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5 Responses to Upstairs Drama

  1. Sabina Ayne says:

    Poor Anna! She has to put up with those youngsters! She’ll be glad when they get a bit older and calm down!

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    • Oldcat says:

      I’m not so sure age is the problem. But it would be nice if it were.


      • Sabina Ayne says:

        My mom had a cat that was so grumpy with her other cats we called her Granny Grumps (her real name was Thursday). Her original home was one where she was always picked on by other cats so she was not a fan of felines. Unfortunately the same thing happened at mom’s. She stayed in mom’s bedroom 24-7 and growled at her other cats. They eventually learned to leave her alone. So maybe there is hope for peace!


      • Oldcat says:

        I think Rhea gets annoyed at the hissing and Anna has little courage to back up her fussing. So far that stalemate has held


  2. Sounds like an exciting morning!😺


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