Five Years of ThreeCatYard


Five years ago I started this blog.  I had gotten tired of other sites I had frequented because of the contention over serious subjects or even trivial ones.  The cats and I had come off a stressful time the previous year and I wanted an impetus to take more pictures.  I did a little research on the platforms available and took the plunge.

I figured the way to avoid contention was to write about nothing at all.  Just the cats, and the tiny California yard they visited on occasion.

Calpurnia was the new arrival, or rather new-ish.  I had adopted her the year before and introduced her to my long time cats with no issues worth mentioning.  Then that summer she groomed a patch of her tummy bare of fur so the doctor suggested Feliway misters for stress.

Problem was, the misters drove Gus, my oldest cat nuts.  The mist stressed him out but blocked him from doing anything about it, so when the mist wore out he struck out at Calla, or whoever was convenient in a 5 minute frenzy.  One time he bit me rather badly as I pulled him off of Julius.  This repeated every month until I noticed the pattern.  With the help of other meds, I finally could stop misting without attacks and then taper off the drugs.

And I found out that Calla always cleared off her tummy come summer, to have a spot to put down on cool tile floors when it got hot.

Julius Caesar was the wild cat of the group.  He and I had come to an understanding.  He liked to tour the neighborhood for a few hours every few days, and he would normally come back by midnight.  He did some hunting, but not an excessive amount.

Gustavus Adolphus was 14 then, the elder of the group.  He was a nice cat, easily spooked, and tended to rub other cats the wrong way.


By the end of the first year the routine had set in.  I think after the first couple of months I was posting daily, and the string lasted for some years.  Calla tended to get more pictures due to her striking looks, and that unlike Julie she didn’t squint at the flash.

Poor Gus continued to have his odd reactions to medication.  His meds to help his thyroid levels caused severe rashes on his ears and face.  He never did become easy to give the pills to.

And Julie tended to be the quiet one, not making waves between his patrols.



Julie loved getting atop the high walls around the yard to see what was happening.

Gus started to show some age, lose some teeth and get thinner.

But the shock later in the year was the sudden death of Calpurnia in November.  I still miss her.

Near the end of the year I adopted a pair of kittens, Napoleon purebred:  Rhea Silvia and Marshal Davout.  The breed is part Persian, part Munchkin.  However, these two have normal legs.


A picture from Rhea’s first day outside in March.

Davout was growing into his gangly stage in the spring of that year.

Just a few weeks later, Gus died at 17.

Then in August, Julius didn’t come home from a patrol.  I found out he had been attacked by coyotes on the street.

In November, Anna Comnena was adopted from a shelter in the hills south of here.  She had a lot of issues with people and other cats.  She does love her room.


Integrating Anna was slow, as when the kittens lost their shyness of her she reacted badly. Rhea started bullying her, so she stays in her room.

Davout likes to go outside.

Rhea likes to bother Anna…

In May, I adopted Harrison from the same shelter Anna came from.  The woman running it was afraid he wouldn’t make it in the mostly outdoor area, as he was sick, and extremely emaciated from neglect.  He soon improved, but never made a lot of progress in gaining weight.  Otherwise he was a happy, grateful cat that feared nothing and no one.


In March, Harrison passed away suddenly.  It seemed like his body gave out all at once.

So now, we are still three, although not the same three.  There have been over 1800 posts, 150000 views and 47000 viewers since they started counting.  In a way things have come full circle – there’s still a Persian Lady having some trouble integrating with my other two cats.  And there’s still room in the little yard for me and the cats, and on the Internet for me to post about it.

Thanks for coming by all these years.


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14 Responses to Five Years of ThreeCatYard

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Lovely to see the old photos, and they bring back memories for me, too. Thank you for all your posts, and congratulations – here’s to another five years! Give all the fluffkins a cuddle for me.


  2. Sabina Ayne says:

    There’s so much ugly in the world I only follow blogs that focus on beautiful things – like your cats. At the end of a stressful day – or at the beginning of one, I always end/start with beautiful cats. Thank you for continuing your blog.I didn’t know the earlier furbabies – but that’s cats do – enter our lives we we need them most and leave when they’ve fulfilled their duty of devotion. Here’s to the next 5 years!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. niasunset says:

    I love cats as you, cats are happiness in our life. But of course when they die, make us so sad too… I remembered my old cats too now, with tears. How nice you have photographs of them. They are all so lovely. Thank you, have a nice blogging, and congratulations, five years is a long term in blogging world. Blessing and Happiness to you all, Love, nia

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s funny, I didn’t realize I’ve been following your blog for so long! It’s been a fun five years; I hope to read many more posts about your cats.

    I also miss Calpurnia, Gus, and Julius, Cal especially. She was a beautiful cat. I’ve never see any like her in RL; her pictures still make me smile.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. nadbugs says:

    Amazed that it’s been so long. I was so glad to remember your dear other cats, especially Gus of course. Hugs and paw-pats to you and your current three.


  6. Wazeau says:

    Love this post. I very much enjoy your blog and appreciate your sharing your cats with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. kimkiminy says:

    Congrats on the milestone! We all certainly have enjoyed watching your fur buds grow and play.


  8. Connie says:

    Happy Blogoversary


  9. littlemiao says:

    Aww, has it really been five years? wow. Thank you for sharing your beautiful cats with us.


  10. pilch92 says:

    Congratulations on 5 years! Sorry for the losses you have had during that time.


  11. Happy blogoversary! We’re glad you are around because we love your kitties, past and present!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Anne Daigle is says:

    Enjoyed the summary–enjoyed the posts.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. weggieboy says:

    I just learned sweet little Harrison died in March. (I was dealing with health issues from late January through the end of March, and was off the Internet and the blogosphere for the entire time….) I’ve mourned with you through several cats passing, yet the loss of Harrison is especially sad to me, he was such a darling little guy. I will miss seeing him in your posts as I especially looked forward to seeing him.. .

    Liked by 1 person

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