Chilling Out

Rhea is making herself a bit scarce tonight after getting her medicine for her tooth.  She’s doing ok, if still not manically running around.

Davout is a fine looking fellow.

Rhea did show up after we played for a bit, but was content to watch.

Davout had a odd experience today.  He was out, and got a honeysuckle blossom on his tail.  He ran inside to me, then led me downstairs, at which time he noticed the blossom.  So he started to spin around in circles trying to get it, then he would go down a few steps, spin again, and so on until the blossom fell off.




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One Response to Chilling Out

  1. pacificnorthwestgranny says:

    Devout is a handsome fella and look like Rhea is feeling better.


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