Visiting with Anna

I managed to snag Davout and dragged him in to visit Anna.  He would creep in if he could but Rhea bulls in and causes problems.  I came in and he tried leaping over the sofa to avoid me but I managed to touch him and he flopped straight over.

Anna watched but didn’t complain all the time.

The towel is to catch Anna’s piles of shed hair.  It needs a change.  Davout was kinda creeper – he sniffed the towel, then sneezed a little and started digging in.

He was fine with some camera strap diversion.

If Davout was easier to catch, I’d bring him in more.


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2 Responses to Visiting with Anna

  1. Anna is so pretty!
    Well, all of your cats, past and present, are!
    Camera strap picture looks like you were cat fishing and caught one! hee hee

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