I’m really liking this Google Photos app set.  There are lots of apps that load pictures to the cloud, but not on every platform, cell, tablet, or whatever.  But what I like is that it has an assistant that looks at old pictures and makes collages, groups up photos and even makes a little movie with background music all by itself.

Sure, you can make one too, or edit the one they make.

But here is the spooky part.  When I added this to all my computers, it uploaded some old pictures of some trips I took.  Then Google pulled some tricks — it started labelling the group with a map showing travel.  It has to have figured out where I was by matching the pictures with other images.  There’s no GPS tagging on a ten year old bit image.

OK, so figuring I was in London and Paris is not a shock.  It did recognize the British Museum from the front, and Tower of London.  It recognized Bath from the Bath, and Stonehenge from a Rock.

But then it did one from California and yes, it got San Francisco.   But it also got a state park site correct from a picture of a cut off log display!  Almost spooky.

These Collages are pretty nicely set up too.  It is nice to get one of these every so often.   They even date the collage with the date of its photos so that it fits into their storage of pictures in the right place.

I was letting videos play earlier when a vid of a poor cat caught in a fence came on.  Poor Davout kept thinking she was the one mewing, and he would jump up to look and she would beat him off.

I had to dig up that remote to give him a break, poor fellow

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2 Responses to Assistant

  1. I find that geo locator kind of creepy (oh Google, you see and know all about me!) but the app’s ability to sort photos and make collages sounds fascinating. I’m going to try it and see what happens with the 1000+ photos I have stored both in the cloud and on my PC. 🙂

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