Anna’s Nice Day

I did a little bit for Anna today…except take pictures of her.  In the morning, I brought her out into my room while I got dressed.  She was bolder – rather than just curling up in the closet she walked around checking things out and making little chirping noises, climbing up onto things and checking out corners.

Then tonight I brought Davout into her room for a visit.  She was sitting on the back of the sofa in a comfy spot, and I put Davout down on the arm across from her.  She did hiss at him a time or two, but she didn’t run or put a lot of effort into it.

Davout stood and pivoted back, not running off but not messing with her.  It was a nice thing to see.

Rhea was looking very nice tonight.

Miss Rhea

She’s making it a habit to sleep on the hassock when I sit in the armchair watching TV or reading.

Sometimes she decides to sit on the keyboard, though.


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2 Responses to Anna’s Nice Day

  1. soupsloth says:

    For some reason, there is nothing more appealing to a cat than a keyboard! I was trying to send a piece of german translation off to be marked once and Rosie decided to help. She added a few lines then pressed send. I had to resend it all with a little apology note!


    • Oldcat says:

      UNIX terminals used to have a detector for garbage input. It would print “cat-like typing detected” and stop accepting input until you hit the right combo.


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