Wideband and Lightness

Today I had the camera out during daylight hours.  Rhea naturally posed with the window behind which gave a nice effect.

Anna got another shot at hanging out with me while I got ready.  She discovered this pile of throw rugs in the bathtub ready for handwashing with a few knocked down clothes on top and just loved sitting on them.  She kept rubbing her cheeks on the clothes the whole time.

I told you I liked this backlight effect!

One of the errands I went out on was to visit a shelter in the Valley that had a striking cat up for adoption.  It was a supposed Persian-Ragdoll mix.  I’m not so sure about the Ragdoll part because it was a tiny thing – smaller than Rhea and supposedly almost the same age. Ragdolls are normally large cats.

She looked a lot like Rhea, too, at least in pattern – but the colored parts where very light and ethereal – but not color shifted like a dilute.  The eyes were a sea-green color.  So I visited the storefront that the shelter has.

The color difference is that every hair is pure white for about half to two thirds of the shaft before the normal color kicks in.  I parted her fur and made sure that was what was going on.  So the color lies on a pure white base.  A more extreme version of this is a chinchilla or shaded silver cat – which would be black or tabby, except for the color only exists at the very tip.  This is thought to be controlled by the wideband gene, which also seems to give that green color to the eyes.

This shelter had had about a half-dozen similar cats – apparently a hoarder/breeder had gone bust and put a lot of quality cats on the market at once.

Davout has appreciated the nice weather this weekend – the house has been opened up and he has been able to get his fill.  Even on this tree the door is just off to the side and open.

It was a good day for lazing around.  The sun made it warm without being hot, and being out of any breeze kept things from being too cool.

It has been pretty rare to get both kittens on the tree at once.

Good time for a little shut-eye.

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5 Responses to Wideband and Lightness

  1. Mehar Arunika says:

    Beautiful cat/s!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sabina Ayne says:

    Thinking about adding another baby?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. littlemiao says:

    such beautiful floofballs!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Jo Woolf says:

    Love the first pic of Rhea! Such extraordinary eyes.


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