Davout had his haircut today, which looks pretty good.  He’s trimmed close from the bottom, so if it warms up he will be more comfortable and hopefully fewer hairballs.

The bad thing is that the groomer said he was so scared that he hyperventilated during the cut and they are worried he could suffer from that.  So he would probably have to be sedated any other time, or I will have to try cutting his hair myself.

Rhea was pretty happy to see him back and was zooming up and down the stairs, playing with the track toy and running off.  Davout soon got relaxed watching that and soon was chasing her up and down stairs with her.  Right now he is dancing and meeping and pouncing all by himself, so he’s feeling a lot better.

I brought out the cat enclosure and left the ends off.   Last time the two of them were distracted by the netting underfoot and putting something over it helps a lot.

Rhea still looks to pull on the netting from time to time.  At least this time I had to start it with the shoestring.

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3 Responses to Haircut

  1. Aw, poor Davout, I’m glad the effects weren’t lasting! Sounds like he’s back to himself already. That enclosure looks like a lot of fun for the kitties!


  2. Poor Davout! But he looks so gorgeous!

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  3. kimkiminy says:

    Aw, poor baby. I’m glad he calmed down when he got home. Maybe if you were there in the room with the groomer he might feel more calm?


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