Patience Pays Off

Patio Guy

Davout was very patient almost all day with my nonsense of doing anything else aside from opening up the back door and letting him go out back.  It is one of his favorite things – although it will be interesting if it remains so when the summer heats up.

Unnoticed Spot

Rhea has found a new way to be “bad”.  She hangs out in new spots so when I look in all the old spots I think she has taken off and jumped the wall.  Instead she’s over in some new spot looking innocent.

Chillin' Boy

Mister D is a simpler fellow and is usually easy to find.

mistake or not

The sunny part of the day does have one issue in that it makes the LED screen hard to make out so you have more trouble figuring out zoom and framing.  This one is still nice-ish with the ears cut off.

Better Framing

Repositioning gets the whole thing in, but the look is a bit different.

Kitten behind Netting

Later on in the afternoon I tried out putting the ends on.  I brought Anna downstairs it didn’t go great, it didn’t go terribly either.  Rhea started looking for a way out, and Anna decided that her room was a better place to be anyway.

Rhea did try biting the sides some to get out after Anna was gone some, although she would stop for treats.  She did some of that while the sides were open the first day as well, but I didn’t get as good a view of her pushing at the nets.

Lord of the Rocks

After letting her out Rhea soon calmed down and joined Davout out back as the sun went down for some peaceful time.


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3 Responses to Patience Pays Off

  1. Connie says:

    I like the photo without the ears


  2. Sabina Ayne says:

    I love the photo with the close up of Rhea’s eyes – gorgeous!!!


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