Out and About

Even though it was a little cool, I let the cat out late in the afternoon because Davout in particular loves it.   They have been good about not getting into trouble lately so I have let them go without as much hovering over them.

Today Davout wasn’t in sight when I went to check and I had to turn the corner to find what he was up to.  There was some little thing, probably a lizard, that he had chased under the A/C unit.

Having chased it to another corner with a paw poke, he followed it to try and get it.  I don’t think he ever quite got it.

This was a bit of a lucky one since the sun was too bright to really see the viewfinder very well.

After giving up on the lizard, Marshal D was content to go back to the patio.

While Rhea was happy with a view from a perch nearby.


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