Rhea the Mighty Hunter

Another nice day outside for the kitties.  He found a few spots and sometimes Rhea would be there hanging out with him.

Davout was so chill that he let me even walk by to get to the other side and take a front shot without running away.

There were a pair of other incidents – once a bird was hopping around in the tree they were facing and Rhea snuck up to get as close as she could to it.  She didn’t get a try that time.

But later on, she came in and then started acting up around the sofa, peering under it and poking around.  It was a little lizard, and she caught it!   I lifted up the end and she ran under and caught it again, and dropped it so I could rescue the little fellow.  He didn’t seem harmed as I let him go.

I do need to find a better means to get under the sofa than lifting it, as I found out when Rhea ran right under to chase the lizard and it started getting heavy but I couldn’t put it down without squishing her.

With all of this craziness going on, Davout was content to just relax outside.

He reminds me of Calla, she used to really love just hanging out in the back without doing very much.


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3 Responses to Rhea the Mighty Hunter

  1. weggieboy says:

    Davout looks very content and relaxed in the photos. Even his wild whiskers are less wild than usual!


  2. The great fluffy huntress! Gotta love her!
    Davout looks half asleep and very content in that last picture

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  3. kimkiminy says:

    Our Mini is super chill like that. Just takes everything in stride; doesn’t let anything really ruffle him.


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