Hunting, Real and Pretend

The kittens got a treat – YouTube videos for cats.  They are interested, but not really fooled.

Earlier, I heard some crunching leaves noises out front and Rhea and Davout were poking around a shelf on the patio, reaching under.  I figured it was just a lizard but then Rhea poked one side and a rodent of some sort came scurrying out and dived for cover behind the table.  It was pretty large, a rat or maybe a vole, about the size of my fist.

I had to scoop up both of them and end the outside time for the day.  Hopefully the silly thing finds its way back out of the yard.

One bit of evidence they aren’t fooled is that these huge birds don’t impress them.  When a real big bird shows up, cats tend to be impressed.  I remember once having a my pair of ladies watching an eagle or hawk take down a rabbit in the common yard behind my apartment in Chicago.  Julius also was interested and respectful when ducks showed up in our pool here.

Rhea ain’t skeered of no TV bird.

Even when he doesn’t watch them, these vids bring Davout forward out of his wallflower mode.  Normally he hangs back behind everyone.

Even cool TV videos can’t hold off nap time forever.



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2 Responses to Hunting, Real and Pretend

  1. The birdies lulled Rhea to sleep! Either that or she knew her brofur was keeping close guard! MOL
    Hope whatever critter that was is smart enough to be gone next time the kitties go out, yikes

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  2. kimkiminy says:

    I’ve noticed the same response to wild turkeys. Interested but respectful.


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