Another Adventure

I always like when the kitties hang over the balcony, as long as they are big enough not to fall.

Rhea and Davout spent a considerable time checking out the yard for the rodent they had cornered yesterday.  Hopefully the silly thing took the opportunity to bug out.

Marshal was looking disapproving when Rhea climbed the wall again.

I had to go out front and look and saw her on he wall, quite a ways down by the pool.  The odd thing was that there was a neighbor using the pool at the time.  I went and got the keys to go in the pool to fetch her, when he went to swimming across it.  It was funny she was crouching down trying to hide on the bare top of a wall with round eyes.

The swimmer looked over at me when I came in and I just pointed to Rhea on the wall trying to do her brick impersonation.  She didn’t want to be grabbed so she walked back down the wall to the yard and jumped down as I approached.

She was ready to come back in when I came into the yard from the front.


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2 Responses to Another Adventure

  1. Connie says:

    I love it when they look for rodents that can’t possibly still be there. Hope springs eternal 🙂

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