String Thing

It was hot hot hot today, which hopefully will dry up my head.  I’m quite the heat seeker these days.  It was way up in the 90s even down the cliff near the coast where work is…and it had not cooled off at home when I got in.

Poor Davout was sad that he couldn’t go out, so I relented when it was near dark and had cooled off a lot.  The bricks of the back wall and the rocks were still holding some warmth and radiating it back out bit by bit.  Davout was happy to get a few minutes out on the patio.

At picture time he had taken over my desk chair and saucily decided not to give it up.

The camera strap was a good thing to play with, as was the shoestring I found for more fun after that.

Rhea was over across the room watching for her turn.

Her string had no chance against her wild savagery.

I gave her a little bit of a bib trim and cut out some knots earlier.  She seems to have recovered from that.

While I was playing with Rhea, the Marshal came over close and watched.  He even came withing petting range and got some scritches for it.  This was very brave of him since he was down on the floor at the same level as me, which usually where he is at his most skittish.


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2 Responses to String Thing

  1. He’s winking in the shot with the camera strap! Like he’s daring you to take it back, hee hee!

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  2. angela1313 says:

    Love that camera strap shot!

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