Past Times

Yesterday I did some photo maintenance – for reasons I don’t entorely get a block of pictures from 2013 would not upload to Google Photos so I spent time forcing them to do so,  Sometimes the program finds and loads them from remote corners, other times it is cranky.

So since I have been looking at the old pictures, here are a set from July 2013.  First, Gus Sleeping…

Calpurnia sitting out in the back yard.

And Julius too.

There’s a little melancholy looking at Calla in particular, as these are the last few months of her like.  I find myself looking for clues that I might have seen beforehand and had more warning.  I don’t know if I would prefer to see something, or not.


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7 Responses to Past Times

  1. angela1313 says:

    I understand about looking at old pics and wondering. Your Gus’s nose reminded me of my Tony I lost in April, pink and black and white. I called it his Good and Plenty nose, after the candy my Granddad used to eat.


  2. weggieboy says:

    Thanks for posting these photos. Those are the cats that got me started following your blog, and I cried when they passed. Heck, I’m not proud! I’m a bit over-whelmed now seeing your sweeties again.

    I have long admired the quality of your blog postings and photography. I know your cats, past and present, through this blog, and appreciate their personalities and place in your life because of it.

    If flattery truly is the greatest compliment, then I freely admit I find myself imitating your blogging style some days in my blog. If it is not, then I hide my head in shame because my two Persians, Andy and Dougy, are victims of my sometime shameless imitation of the Oldcat style! (I can’t help it!)


  3. I teared up when I saw Gus and Calla’s pictures. I didn’t really know Julius as I wasn’t following your blog then. Calla was a beautiful girl and I’m glad we can still see her in these photos.

    We found out our dog had lung cancer just before he died. The earlier diagnosis was “he’s old, he’s has a little congestion, might be an allergy.” (We don’t go to that vet anymore.) Later I was told that sometimes it’s good not to know, that we were able to enjoy our time together: road trips to Seattle and Portland, walks around the lake, family Christmas photo. I treasure those memories, but one still wonders if anything could have been done had we known.


    • Oldcat says:

      I’ve had a lot of types of situations in the past from quick with no warning to waiting for the “last straw” for very elderly cats. Quick is more shocking, but over. Drawn out give you preparation time, but can be exhausting. Can’t say either is better overall.


  4. I love seeing the old crew.. I loved reading about them when you had them and mourned their loss as if I really knew them.
    You cannot beat yourself up about Calla. Cats are masters of hiding if anything is wrong. If she had wanted you to know, if indeed she knew herself, she would have made it known. You can’t gain anything by worrying about it, as hard as that is.
    I feel the same way about my Star, I wasn’t home, and I wonder if I would have known. But she was a daddy’s girl and she didn’t let him know anything until the last day.
    You have been a wonderful cat guardian to them all, past and present, do not forget that.


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