Patio Party

The kittens had been outside for a while and when I went out to check they were both sitting looking right in the door from the patio.

I sat down to make a little trio and found a small twig lying nearby to play with.  Rhea was game….

She chased it up the post until she was standing on tiptoe!

Davout hung back a little but was close enough for pictures.

Eventually I got him going for the twig, until Rhea jumped up onto the seat of the chair above him and swatted him on the noggin.

This did not make him happy!


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3 Responses to Patio Party

  1. Oh those silly silly gorgeous kittens!
    I got your blog header today of the kittens and it say 2013!! I have such a hard time thinking you’ve had them that long!! They are still babies in my eyes!


  2. weggieboy says:

    That third photo, the one with Rhea, is one of the nicest kitty photos I’ve ever seen! Beautiful!

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