Fuss and Bother

I managed to grab Davout before a check on Anna today and she was nearly nice to him.  She was on the seat of the sofa a few times within a foot of him before I nudged matters too much and she hissed at him.

After that she started getting twitchy about Rhea possibly coming up to the gate.  At least she was not bothered with Marshal D.

He tends to hunker down and try and look a little small when in with her, but he isn’t scared to death or anything.

After Rhea came to the gate Anna went up and Davout went down.  He does get worried when the tension gets higher with these two.  Anna at least turned away and didn’t look.

A funny thing these last few days is that Anna has turned to this little book like a security doll.  When she’s flustered, she will sniff at it or rub her cheek on it.

I gave everyone some treats for an overall well behaved visit, even with my annoying nudging.

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