Happy Fourth

Luckily for me, the kittens and Anna are not much affected by fireworks, especially the ones far off set off by the towns around.  They didn’t even notice those last night or earlier today.

There was one big bang set off by a neighbor that made the kittens stiand up and put their ears down but they calmed down quickly.

Rhea was partly in a sunbeam today which lit her up in an interesting way.

Davout sticks to the shade but catches a little breeze.

I found a little twig for him to play with…

It is great when he stands up for a toy!

There were no attempts to visit any neighbors in the pool today.


But while Rhea does most of the wandering, Davout is the one that wants to go outside the most.  If I am upstairs or the door isn’t open he comes and makes sure I know he’d like a visit outside.  He doesn’t need to stay out long or wander far, but he wants to go out more than Rhea does.


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2 Responses to Happy Fourth

  1. angela1313 says:

    Looks like it was day. In spite of rain all day the neighbors here made it sound like a news report from Syria or Iraq. I think it petered out around ten thirty or so. The cats were glued to me, looked like I was wearing a fur coat.


  2. weggieboy says:

    They look very calm for a change.


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