Anna Invasion

Without saying much here, there has been a growing campaign to break down some of the barriers between Anna and the other cats.  While I’m past the days of hoping for a big breakthrough, there were a few items of note.

Some of the times when I visit Anna I will carrier her out of the room to let her see what is going on.  Yesterday late I did this and put her down and she decided to explore one of the other rooms rather than run inside  her own.  Aside from having to run interference with Rhea there isn’t much of a problem.

Yesterday, though, I got help from Davout. He came down from the bookshelves and met Rhea on the stairs as she came up to check out Anna and tackled her.  She never did make it up until Anna was in her room.

This morning  I forgot to shut her door and while Rhea did bust through the bars to harass her,  there was a lot less energy in the fracas and Anna seemed less scared.

When I got home I brought Anna to my room even though Rhea was in there.  Aside from a hiss, I was able to hold Anna still while Rhea came up to peer over the edge of the bed at her.  Anna’s tail was swishing back and forth over Rhea’s head, and she had big round eyes but she did not swat at the tail or make any noise.   After a bit Anna was flustered and I put her on the green stump cat tree.  Rhea stayed across the room without watching her or charging…although she was poised to pounce if Anna ran back to her room.  Anna cooled down quickly and relaxed for some time.  Only Davout coming to the door got her to hiss and glare at him.

After Anna was back in her room Rhea went all over sniffing at the spots Anna had visited but she, like usual, didn’t seem upset.   Rhea was not super aggressive, and Anna was only moderately hissy.  Signs of a thaw?  Probably not much.

Davout’s blood test results came back and were all good.


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5 Responses to Anna Invasion

  1. Sabina Ayne says:

    I’m hoping for a ‘tolerable existence’ between the two!!! Good for Davout and his blood work!!!

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  2. angela1313 says:

    In this age of expectation of instant results the only people I know with patience any more seem to be cat people. I know deom experience gettig to a point of tolerance can rtake ages, you have axhieved great progress in my humble opinion.

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  3. Any progress is good, even if it’s slow. I love that Davout is such a little peace maker!
    Glad his blood work came back good.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. kimkiminy says:

    What a good boy Davout is!

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  5. Andrea Kenner says:

    Sounds promising to me!

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