Garage Band

The other day in coming back from the vets I parked in the driveway to bring Davout back inside and saw a big old lizard dead where the car is normally parked.  Somebody caught him and brought him in.  This made some sense in how Davout has been hanging around the door to the garage for a the last few days.

Today I opened up the door (with the outside door closed) and both went out there right away and seemed to be exploring.  A while later Davout was hanging out under the car and Rhea was playing with the broken off bit of lizard tail.  I still think Davout might have been the hunter, although I think Rhea has caught a lizard herself.

On the other hand, Davout likes to go “outside”, which includes the garage more than Rhea, so this might be the reason.

I prefer when they are hunting shoestrings over lizards.  But you can’t forget that these instincts come with the package.

Davout got over his disappointment with the lack of lizards.

Ready for the next toss of the shoestring toy.


I had to do some odd contortions to get this, as she was kinda behind me.

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5 Responses to Garage Band

  1. weggieboy says:

    Another lovely selection of photos of your beautiful kitties! I agree with you on the matter of cat predation. If one is bothered by it, don’t have cats or have them but keep them indoors at all times. They aren’t bad kitties for hunting, they are cats!


  2. mewprofile says:

    How do you keep their eyes so clean? My kitten has goop coming out of his eye everyday! ☹️


    • Oldcat says:

      Both of them had a course of drops when they were tiny and tearing a bit. If the eyes are running a lot you might check a vet. Since then Rhea only gets a tiny bit that I pick off and Davout had one eye that was teary and had to be cleaned has mostly cleared up on its own. Short nose cats often have draining problems but these two aren’t quite flat and don’t have major issues. Harrison had that too with his flat face but he needed washing all over his face.

      So the answer kind of is you just clean as often as you need to. I did find that makeup pads helped do a good job without harming the cat better than a washcloth or towel.

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