End of the Week

It has been an interesting week.  I have done a few more meet and greets between Rhea and Anna.  One day it was a simple having Anna out in my room with Rhea on the other side of the room.  Rhea stared at first then turned her back and looked away.  When I was done changing and such I fed the kittens and let Anna back to her room.

About mid-week I was in Anna’s room and brought her to the gate when Rhea was out there.  After a hiss, I just turned Anna backwards and held her near the gate where Rhea was for a while.  Rhea didn’t cause any fuss and Anna didn’t get too mad too fast.

Davout has been doing some changes too.  He’s always been a bit too cautious to get too close on his own, although he hangs out nearby a lot.   Twice this week he came up to me when I was laying down and stood, then sat next to me and got some petting.  He really enjoys that when I do get hold of him, but he tends to skitter away.

Just a little while when I was at a desk upstairs he came and stood up by the char and touched me with a foot.  I’m not sure if this was the intent, but he got some pets on the desk, then some dry food and playtime with the shoestring downstairs.



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