Self Assertion

Just to keep up the theme from yesterday, Davout made his feelings known about 11 pm that it was time for pictures.  He mewed at me from the floor as I was finishing up a book.  He knows his rights.

Rhea was in treetop observation mode..

Anna isn’t pictured, but in recent days she has been asserting herself too.  She has tended to pop out of her room when I visit her and explore the neighboring rooms upstairs.  So far there has been no clashes with Rhea, but today when the kittens were out back she came out, until she heard Davout come upstairs too.   She was trotting back when Rhea came in too to see what was up.

To be fair, Rhea wasn’t too eager to charge Anna herself.

Fun time for the little man.

The crazy whiskers continue.

He only needs a little bit of fun to keep him going.

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1 Response to Self Assertion

  1. It’s so wonderful that they are adjusting more to each other! Awesome!


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