Scary Mouse

I replaced the batteries to the undercover mouse toy, but the kittens were a lot more interested in it when it was off.  Too scary.

They watched from a distance with round eyes.

Maybe they’ll get over it with time.

Davout is keeping well back just in case.


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2 Responses to Scary Mouse

  1. weggieboy says:

    I got my two kitties a toy that was like a tail attached to a ball. The ball moves randomly, making the tail flop around. I turned it on, the toy moved across the floor flopping its tail, and two cats high tailed it out of the room! They never have played with it and still regard it with suspicion when they see it, now motionless on the floor.

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  2. ruth7933 says:

    Ali has a mouse that winds up and runs across the room and she runs and gets in hubbys lap and hides. She si real brave with the bird hunt through the window but up close and personal she is a daddy girl real quick.


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