Calm Evening

Rhea has been hanging out close this evening with me, which is a good thing since when I went up to check on Anna a second time I found I had left the door open.  The gate was closed, but that would not stop Rhea if she was inclined to bust in.

I went up to get some pictures but she was a bit agitated and moving around and things were blurry.  Davout came right up to the door but stayed out of sight in the doorway.

They aren’t all cat videos, but Rhea was a little interested in this one.  The Mythicbells YouTube site has some news – she has some new kittens arrived over the last month or so that are really cute to watch.

Davout had some patio time this evening as things cooled off.

She likes keeping an eye on me.


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1 Response to Calm Evening

  1. weggieboy says:

    Yes, those new Mythicbells kittens are cute fuzzballs! That’s one of my other favorite sites for my daily dose of Internet kitties! Yours, of course, is one of my other favorites, thanks to three really pretty (and amusing!) kitties, nicely documented in photos!

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