Who’s Annoying Who

Answer:  I’m annoying everyone…except perhaps the Marshal.

This morning I was setting something up in Anna’s room and left the door open behind, figuring that Rhea was downstairs at breakfast still.  As I came up I heard a little noise from inside and realized that I was wrong.  Rhea was in messing with Anna.

She had Anna cornered without too much fuss, and as I came in Rhea was that much more confident and charged Anna and swatted at her.  While it was somewhat nice that the intensity was fairly low, I decided that I wanted to put some doubt in her that messing with Anna was all fun and games.  Anna had jumped onto her window seat, so I turned Rhea about and plunked her right by Anna, butt first and held her there for a while.  Rhea was not scared or angry, but a bit disturbed at being unable to watch Anna.  Anna shrunk a little back and made musical growling noises but refrained from hissing.

I’m figuring if I am more annoying to them than they are to each other, they may bond in self defense.  Rhea seemed over it by dinner time.

After dinner I carried Anna down to the first landing of the stairs and kept her from instantly taking off upstairs.  She did walk forward to the edge and hiss at Davout who was keeping station at the bottom.


Rhea came forward to match him at the base of the stairs.

Anna soon went upstairs and went back to her room so I brought her out for a second try. This time she went into the office and closed the door and did a little work in there.

Soon there was someone at the door….

Anna in the Office

But with the door shut Anna could explore the room without another encounter.  Like usual she did return to staring at the closed door.

It was good to see her jump up onto the desktop area rather than hide under things.

She didn’t spend *all* the time staring at the door….

Just a lot of time.

The funniest thing was when I corralled Anna, carried her past Rhea at the door and put her back in her room, I came out and saw Davout hunkered down on the topmost step where he could peer down the hall to see who or what came out of the front of the house without being seen first.

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1 Response to Who’s Annoying Who

  1. Oh that Rhea.. Someday she’s gonna figure it’s not worth it to annoy Anna! And one day Anna is going to figure it’s not worth it to be afraid!


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