a moment to relax

I took the evening off from messing with Rhea and Anna.   Rhea did come along when I was checking on Anna at dinner so I carried her in for a look, and when I let her down she was more interested in leading me downstairs than messing with Anna.

Later on I had a bit of playtime with the kittens, but somehow the pictures that turned out seemed more portraits than action shots.  The string toy hardly even shows up.

This one is a little out of order, it is from the middle.  Davout suddenly decided that the toy must be carried off to another part of the room.  He just put it down and was looking at Rhea.

Earlier he looked a little grimer…

Rhea often appeared ready to pounce, but never pulled the trigger.

Davout has always been a very handy cat – more than any I’ve had.  Rather than swipe at things or trap them between two paws, he will deliberately “grab” things with one or two claws by puncturing them, then turn the paw up and over to see and/or bite at the item.

Davout didn’t have to worry – Rhea is in watching mode today.

He seemed to be brooding over the toy as much as playing with it.  He was interested, but not out of control.

Even the carrying off of the toy was an orderly affair.

She might be moving around for a better look, but isn’t going to mess with him today.

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