Idle Time

It was a nice enough day to hang out on the patio again.

In the morning I had brought Anna into my room to poke around with Rhea outside the door.  A bit later, when I was putting Anna back in her room Rhea was nowhere about so I closed Anna up.

A few minutes later I didn’t see Rhea about, and so by process of elimination I when back to Anna’s room.  Sure enough, I had shut them up together!   When I came in Rhea was peeking up over the top of the bookshelf Anna was sitting on.  Nobody was hissing or fighting yet.  I gave Rhea some treats for being good and not starting a scrap in that time.

…and Davout was brave enough to sit partway down the garden path.

Too tired to sit up and play tonight.

Davout has a case of Fluff-in-Mouth disease.


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