Tummy Troubles

There wasn’t a lot of activity because Davout has been feeling poorly since late yesterday.  It doesn’t seem too serious but he has diarrhea and has coughed up a big hairball.  He is acting a tiny bit sluggish but not markedly so.

The first checkup I carried him up to my room and Rhea climbed up next to us and gave him a kiss and a few licks on the head.  After a later checkup he went over to her lying on the floor and did the same thing to her for a minute or so.

Instead of wanting to go out back he retired a few times into the garage and hid out, but came out if I made a big deal of looking for him.  I’m not sure where he’s hidden out.

The only other thing that might be new is I was trying a different flavor of dry food, so today I  went out and got him some new stuff matching what he had had before.  So if the trigger was digestive, this might put him on the road to normality.


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7 Responses to Tummy Troubles

  1. angela1313 says:

    Hope he feels better soon. I hate to think of him feeling poorly.

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  2. Poor Davout! I’m glad his sister is being nice to him. I hope the change in food helps.

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  3. Connie says:

    I hope he is feeling better soon!

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  4. kimkiminy says:

    I hear a bit of canned pumpkin pie filling is very calming to upset tummies.

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  5. Mary McNeil says:

    Hope he is better soon !

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  6. pilch92 says:

    I hope Davout feels better soon.

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