Fun with Prisma


I ran into a description of a new Photo styling application called Prisma for Android or Apple.  You apply a filter, but unlike a lot of Instagram type filters, they actually make visible effects.  I tried an old photo of Calla on the rocks in back on the phone at first.


It doesn’t name the photo with a tag from the filter but I think this is “Mosaic” which tends to break into stained-glass like regions in places.


This is interesting because the pine needles on one the bottom right are emphasized, while the rocks under them show better on the previous one.



Here’s one of Rhea using an unknown filter.  You can have the app leave off its watermark with a setting.


A collage of the same picture with a bunch of the filters.  This picture worked OK with about half of them.  I also need to figure out which one of Google Photo’s collage shots it makes big and which one it doesn’t when you pick odd patterns.


The two on the upper left are using the same filter, giving crazy jagged color lines.  It reminds me of a set of pictures drawn by a noted cat artist as he went insane…his second to last image looked a lot like that – it was a round eyed cat with spiky fur outlined, and each spike was outlined in a sequence of jaggy colored beltls like that.


I tried a landscape picture to check out some of the filters that frankly did very poorly with the cats.  The original was an early picture taken with my first phone – the foreground was very dark and the sky, which was a bit overcast was very bright.

The upper right uses false colors, but really brings out sky detail great. The two in the right column really rescue the foreground detail, and the top one even has some sky detail.  The bottom left one is nice too, a little more “arty”.

It can be a bit cranky when trying to get access to pictures you didn’t just take, but otherwise it works well.  I think reviewers said that you need to have access to their servers to do the photo processing.

It is a free app, so if you have any interest in art from you pictures, or even fixing up a flawed shot this program is worth a try.


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5 Responses to Fun with Prisma

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Love all these, especially the ones of Calla and the portraits of Rhea. Might try this myself!


  2. Connie says:

    that is a really cool app!


  3. kimkiminy says:

    Wow, what a great effect! My favorite is the very first one.


  4. ruth7933 says:

    This is cool and as soon as my iPad and iPhone are charged I am going to download it. TY of sharing this.


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