Sunday Hangout

The kittens were out back most of the day.  Davout has been getting braver in using more of the yard even when neighbors are in the pool next door or the A/C unit is running.

Rhea likes to chew on pine needles, but the choice of which to try seems to be overwhelming her.

While she seemed to watch the tree she uses to escape the yard wistfully at times, Rhea has been very good and not tried anything for some weeks now.

I did bring Anna out for another hang out, for slightly longer.  Rhea left her alone for a while at the start, although when she tried sitting on top of the enclosure she generated some hissing from Anna.  Davout sat with his back turned the whole time, washing his hands of the whole business.

After a few dozen hisses Rhea did move around to the front and charge her, causing a fuss but the walls held out.  After that, she left Anna alone and I let her out after a total of 45 minutes out.

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2 Responses to Sunday Hangout

  1. pilch92 says:

    Such cuties, that is funny that Rhea likes pine needles.


  2. Oh I hope your experiment works! And it sounds like it just might be! They’ll get bored of the charging and hissing and hopefully move to ignoring each other! Davout’s such a good boy, staying out of the girl issues!


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