Busy Night

Rhea had a busy night.  I brought Anna down but she was not liking being in the netting much, even with Rhea nowhere to be seen.  Finally I got set to let her out and she moved out without me carrying her.  She used the bannister to avoid Davout, squeezing through on the sofa back.  She made it all the way to her room where Rhea was hanging out in her stuff and there was a little explosion.

Anna has calmed down but a day or so off from the mixing program seems warranted.

Davout just wants to have fun.

He’s got the beggar now!

He’s the winner!

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2 Responses to Busy Night

  1. ruth7933 says:

    Love the photo of Davout with his feather. Hope Anna and Rhea at least tolerate each other.


  2. Oh those girls! You’d think one of them would get tired of the scuffles sooner or later!

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