Good Evening

The kittens had a nice time outside in the back yard until dark.

A while later I brought Anna down to her safe house downstairs.  She calms down if the top is covered up to make a cave.  Rhea sat close a time or two, and got close enough for Anna to hiss, but was willing to back off and leave Anna be.

I managed to bring Davout close to Anna’s cave.  He got hissed at and flopped down to make her happy.  He lay like this for a few minutes about a foot and a half from her front gate.

Rhea did sneak some peeks from a distance at Anna.

After a good long visit, I took Anna back to her room and the kittens did some investigating of the cave.

Davout was a lot less nervous of the cave this time than before.

Hard to say if any long term progress is made, but I do feel better if Anna is down with us rather than always shut up in her room.

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2 Responses to Good Evening

  1. kimkiminy says:

    I’m glad she’s getting safe time hanging out with you and the kittens.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s nice that Anna can get out from her room. We’re crossing our paws that she will eventually be comfortable enough to socialize.


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