Downstairs Visit

I brought Anna for a visit tonight.

Rhea came down close after Anna hissed at Davout a few times.  She started off well for a while on the sofa next door….

Leaping on top of Anna’s shelter was less nice.

It held her up, though, and the blanket kept them from hitting each other. Eventually Rhea slid down beside and sat there.  Anna was upset, but got over it once I pulled Rhea away.

After that, Rhea didn’t come close but she did creep into Anna’s view a time or two.  Anna hissed.

Rhea did some investigation after Anna was taken back upstairs.  Overall, Anna did pretty well under some provocation.

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2 Responses to Downstairs Visit

  1. Sabina Ayne says:

    Have you tried putting Rhea in the cave and letting Anna explore? I wonder what would happen?

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