Rhea and Davout had an active early evening, tearing around chasing each other.  I’d hear some thunder cats and there Rhea would be up on the tree or on top of a chair looking wild.

Now she’s a bit tired.

Davout is less so but still lies down to play.

Big Eyes.

All this action almost keeps her eyes open.

Davout was tired enough for me to catch him for some hugging.


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2 Responses to Recovery

  1. angela1313 says:

    Yesterday we had a cool day for the first time in ages and Cloud went wild chasing the laser dot. Milk and Skye decided they would play too and they all wore themselves out. Cloud was very generous with head buts afterward. It was all fun.

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  2. Cats tend to have two modes, wild and crazy or napping! lol Well, there is a middle ground, but it’s not as interesting. 😉

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