Undercover Mouse

Cat of Inteest

I was doing some yard work and laundry today, both of which tend to drive Davout into the garage.  He has a tendency to gravitate there when the door to the house is propped open, and scary backyard noises just make it worse.

He has a secret place in there that I don’t know about that he tends to vanish into part of the time, when he isn’t sitting under the car.  Odds are he’s on a nice empty shelf behind a sofa I need to get rid of, but I have no proof of it.

With him seeming bored I turned on the undercover mouse.

It was all fun until he either intentionally or accidentally carried it off into another room.  After that he was a bit put off by it.

It is a thin line between fight and flight with Marshal D.


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2 Responses to Undercover Mouse

  1. So where is it???? 🙂


  2. Connie says:

    You will never know where it is.. as it should be


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