A Lady’s Visit

It has been a while since I last brought Anna down to the net.  Rhea has been spending a lot of napping time there lately, but this didn’t seem to faze her.  I did try giving her some tranquilizer, which also probably helped some.

She has been out of her room a little bit, in my room on occasion since the last time she was downstairs in the net.  That time she walked upstairs on her own only to in onto Rhea camped out in there and quite a kerfluffle resulted.

Since then, she has been a little bit more restrained on the hissing to the other cats, at least at first.  She was good this time, only hissing at Rhea a time or two when she got too close, and at me if I made sounds she thought were similar, like sitting on the chair next to the net out of her sight.

Rhea was mostly good, creeping up close a time or so, but finally she gave up and went up to Anna’s room.  She was up on the sofa, possibly by coincidence out of sight of the door so she could ambush Anna coming back in.

But like usual, she doesn’t seem to be 100 percent into creating confict with Anna, and was easily distracted into playing with a leash strap.  Maybe this swapping of home bases will help relax the tension some.

Since Anna had been down long enough, I put Rhea into a bedroom and shut the door to avoid serious scraps and let Anna out.

She was a lot less anxious than before, but on her way back to her room she spotted Davout in the way and she backed up and went back to the KittyWalk.  Not bad that she thinks of it as shelter over a trap, even a little.

Even when I shooed Davout out of the path, she was a reluctant to try again for a while.  She hung out by the entrance to the “den”.  Finally I got her to start again, and with Davout out of the way she had a clear path.  She was nervous on the way, but didn’t run.

With Anna tucked away, Rhea was let out of her space.   She soon came down and examined every place Anna had been downstairs.

Davout has been a good fellow, watching from a distance without being too intimidating. He still intimidates her when she’s in her moods, but it isn’t his fault.

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2 Responses to A Lady’s Visit

  1. weggieboy says:

    You get feathers for your angel wings for all you do to integrate Anna into the kitty family at your home! I’m impressed with your tenacity and patience. I’ve been following this little drama since you got Anna, and hope to see the day when Anna and Rhea become best buddies or, at least, comfortable together.


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