Status Report

Anna is doing well – no sign of reinfection and she isn’t picking at her scab.  She isn’t acting any different than usual – she might have been a little bit low while infected and eating a bit less.

Rhea climbed out of the yard this evening but stayed on the wall and jumped right down and trotted into the house when I called her on it.  Suddenly she’s in full escape mode after not trying for months and months.

Tidy time.

Davout will always have the crazy whiskers.

Little Miss bright eyes.



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2 Responses to Status Report

  1. Sabina Ayne says:

    Yea! for Anna!! I hate it when kitties don’t feel well!


  2. weggieboy says:

    Good news about Anna!

    I suspect Rhea is always going to be the charming “Bad Girl” in you kitty family, but one can hope she eventually learns there is nothing worth seeing on the other side of the wall.


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