Another Downstairs Visit

Yes, it is time for another “mixer” for Rhea and Anna, although unlike the concept of a mixer party, the idea is for the two of them is to ignore each other.  It mostly worked, as after a few minutes Rhea trotted upstairs presumably to lurk in Anna’s room.

She did peer down from time to time.

Anna seems to feel that the enclosure is more protection than cage, which makes it easier to deal with shutting her up inside of it.

Today there was only one spat, as some time after going up to Anna’s room Rhea came charging in to confront her at the door, knocking over a can of soda and eliciting noisy hisses from Anna.  Scruffing Rhea and pulling her away led to her sulking back upstairs to mope.

Poor Davout came up to try and figure out what was happening during the scrap and was standing up like a prairie dog trying to see over the sofa.  He looked wide eyed and upset.  The rest of the time when Rhea was away he did sneak up to get a peek at her, only to fade back when he got hissed at himself.

After a fairly long visit where Anna was relaxed most of the time, I shut Rhea up and opened the enclosure.  Davout was smart enough to fade back out of her path back upstairs.  Finally she made a break for it and trotted home.

Does she like it?  Hard to say.  She is about as nervous when I am in her room and the kittens are outside the closed door, so I’m not overly stressing her out.  She does spend some time getting some new views and sounds in between peering suspiciously for other cats.  The trot back at least gives her a little exercise.

When I let Rhea out, she crept up to see if Anna was gone.  This is kinda funny, since when Anna is in there, she charges up like a tiny terror and attacks.

At least Davout creeping up is honestly part of his character.

Rhea isn’t too stressed out about the invasion after all.  And like as not, she will be back to napping in the enclosure herself soon enough.

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1 Response to Another Downstairs Visit

  1. weggieboy says:

    Whew! So much drama in your home today!


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