Pleasant Afternoon

The kittens had two outdoor sessions.  The first was cut short when Rhea went over the wall.  Likely she was over by the neighbors since I didn’t catch her by the pool.  When I went back out the gate for a second check she was just outside.

It was a nice day – the usually hot part was pleasantly warm.

Davout seemed to be pretty miffed at her, since when they were inside he had a few skirmishes with her that she didn’t like at all.  Finally she looked cute enough defending herself that he gave up.

Later in the afternoon they went out again and Davout seemed to be keeping more of an eye on her.

Would this face do anything wrong?


She had to get a bib trim in the evening to cut out some knots in her fur.  She’s better than the other two, but she tends to pout afterwards regardless of how much she needs it.

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4 Responses to Pleasant Afternoon

  1. weggieboy says:

    Rhea! Rhea! Rhea! Your naughty girl lives up to her reputation, including charming you after she’s bad! Lovely photos, as always, Oldcat!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kimkiminy says:

    OMG that face. So angelic. We know better. 🙂 I’m curious, do they ever get vegetable matter stuck in their fur after time outside?


  3. cattitudechronicles says:

    Good Rhea!! I pout too after grooming – and claw trimming, and eye ointment, and that inFURnal deshedding comb! 😾


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