Up Late

I brought Anna down again but didn’t take any pictures.  Rhea left her alone aside from one visit where she investigated the enclosure until I discouraged her.  And to be fair, she might have been checking out the wet food I put in on the off chance Anna might relax and try some.

Anna didn’t try any, and after she left Rhea did go in and eat some.

When I started taking pictures Davout left his high perch and came down to sit next to me.  In fact, this might be the first time he’s come up without me lying down.  And then I ruined it by putting the camera in his face.

He might never do it again.

I had to go find Rhea to shut her up while Anna walked back to her room, which she put up with.  She gets a gold star for not being trouble today.

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Engineer with Cats
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