Anna Checkup

Anna had a quick vet visit to check on her wound.  No sign of infection, and it is quite a bit smaller.  She licked off the original scab over the weekend and a smaller one formed again.

She had a visit downstairs in the evening and Rhea pretty much left her alone.

She checked on Anna a time or so but didn’t charge up close.

I have no idea why her face is looking like that.

But she kept it up for a while.

Rhea and Davout still aren’t too much into catnip, but Rhea has her moments of liking the catnip banana.

…and it continues….

….and continues.

Davout has his turn playing.

Steely eyed determination!

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2 Responses to Anna Checkup

  1. kimkiminy says:

    I’m glad Anna is doing better, and that Rhea actually left her alone for once. That sure is one cute face she’s making. And were you lying on your back for that last shot of Davout? Great perspective! Plus Rhea’s tail hanging over the upper edge.

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