Two Girls

I brought Anna down for a visit.  I had to roust Rhea out of the cage, where she was napping.  Rhea stood by while I put Anna in without incident, and took her growling with some patience.  She went off without any more skulking.

Anna felt game enough to do a little playing.   I brought poor Davout up close where he got a few hisses.  He gave one to me, or her, or to the air generally.

I put Rhea in the bathroom for safety and opened up the cage.  Anna peered out, then thought better of things and went back in.  I had to sort of encourage her to run back to her room.

Rhea came out and made an inspection afterwards.

Rhea didn’t have any scars from the experience.

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1 Response to Two Girls

  1. weggieboy says:

    Anna does seem a bit more confident…! Here’s hoping you have more progress in this matter.


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