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Offscreen Fun

It was rainy and gloomy all day, so the cats did not get any outside time.  Rhea gave me some significant looks as time wore on so I found where she had left the toy. You will have to trust … Continue reading

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Out and About

It was warm rather than rainy today and the cats appreciated the chance to go out. Mister D almost didn’t run inside from me.

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Treats for a Change

I broke out some treats today, and despite Rhea being quicker off the mark and pushier than Davout, he didn’t hiss at her once. She usually gets a lot more than he does.  They do share regular food fairly. He … Continue reading

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Vets for Rhea

Rhea had her annual checkup today in the morning.  She passed with flying colors and was only a little grumpy on the way down because of an accident on the highway. She didn’t have the same clear sailing with her … Continue reading

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Feather Trouble

The first problem was finding the feather toy.  Rhea tends to drag it between the upstairs and downstairs, but this time she got it caught in a chair leg and wound up tight. Poor Marshal D really depends on having … Continue reading

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Wild Child

Rhea was crazy active today.  She was hopping up on things, dancing around, pretending to pounce on Davout when he was watching her.  She even charged him a time or two, stopping just short of touching him in the way … Continue reading

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Many Faces

With Davout’s dark face you need to catch the light just right to get pictures of his face, which is unfortunate since he has a very expressive face. Today he cooperated by staying in just the right spot. Handsome Fellow.

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Normal Drama

Davout looks forward to little more than his visits outside.  He’s getting over his nerves about the airconditioning unit when it isn’t running.  For a while he was hanging close to the patio even when it was off and unlikely … Continue reading

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Davout Sits Around

Today was noteworthy not because he sat around, but how many different places he does so.  In the morning he was blocking a path into the kitchen area… A little later he was straddling the brick edging very near his … Continue reading

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Princess on a Visit

I brought Anna down for a visit today.  I haven’t chatted it up, but there has been a time or two when I brought Rhea into Anna’s room and she was good about not hissing at Rhea, as soon as … Continue reading

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