Sunny Day

Sunny Day

It was a nice day for relaxing on the patio and taking in the sun.  It started out that way, but then Rhea had other ideas.

Table Top

Then she started cannoning up and down the stairs and out into the yard, over and over.  Finally, during one run she cried out very angrily.  I was sure it was an alien cat, but nobody was around but Davout.

He must have jumped her in one of those runs and knocked her right over and she was mad about it.


He’s mild mannered and polite as a rule, but when he decides to he puts the smackdown on his little sister.

Look Up

Playtime again!

Feather Toy

Fluff on front from Davout….

Little Rhea

And fluff on Rhea as well.


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One Response to Sunny Day

  1. angela1313 says:

    I just love that first picture of Rhea. I just realized how busy September & October were.I missed a lot of posts.


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