Calming Down

Patio Girl

I turned on the computer early just to find out that Windows 10 has a massive upgrade out and nothing can be done while it downloads stuff.   And like Daylight Savings with clocks, I’ll have to repeat it with all the computers I have.

Grim Face

Rhea feels like I do about that.

Anna's Out

Anna came down for another visit.  This is the second time in a row that Rhea and Anna have not had any issues on a visit.  Rhea has taken to wandering upstairs to visit her room and poke around, and finally she goes off on her own.  Davout hangs around, out of her line of sight.

Anna has hissed at me if I make a sudden move out of sight, so she isn’t totally relaxed.  She has been better about not hissing at everything as I carry her down and set up the enclosure.

Good Little Lady

Rhea watching as I seal up the door of the enclosure.  When I was done she wandered off to do her thing.

Stack of Kittens

After Anna went home, the kittens both got on the same tree for a stack of cats.

Tired Fellow

Davout had a tiring day.


About Oldcat

Engineer with Cats
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One Response to Calming Down

  1. weggieboy says:

    Oh yeah! Those updates are tiring and inevitably on days I don’t have time to spend waiting on them. (Of course, as a retiree, I have time, just not patience….)

    Anyway, congratulations to your kitty girls for being a bit better with each other, though Rhea hissing at you must suggest she still feels a bit antagonistic toward Anna, but kept it in, then let it slip when she was a little upset with you in a way that ordinarily wouldn’t result in a hiss.

    Whew! Kitty cats can be SO complex some days!


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