Close Encounter

It is good to see Davout ‘taking ownership’ of more things in the house.   Too often he has seemed to find a spot that was away from what was being used, rather than places he’s liked to be.  Even the wallflower cats I’ve had have had a cat bed or corner nook they’ve claimed. Anna, for instance, has parts of her room that she sits in regularly.

This is a spot on the sofa he’s been sitting on almost regularly in the last few weeks.  He stuck to it today not only when I was in the area but when….

Anna came for a visit right next door.  She did hiss at him once or twice when she saw him so close, but stopped when I put him out of direct view.  Davout didn’t run off then, or when I was fussing nearby.

As the visit went on, Davout watched TV some, lay down flatter and even rolled over on his side.  Anna made some noise when he did too much moving, but she mostly tolerated knowing he was there if she couldn’t see him.

After a bit, I raised the cover so she could get more of a direct view.  She handled that well enough, but increasingly Anna started to show she wanted to go back to her room

There was a little more sparks when Rhea came up to check things out.  Anna went ballistic with the hissing.

In Rhea’s defense, Anna had been making some noise in there poking at the sides because she wanted out, and she did hiss at Davout.  And while she did confront Anna, she didn’t charge.

When I blocked Anna’s view with the cover, Rhea retired to the back of the sofa and stayed there while I got Anna out and carried her back to her room.  I can’t fault her for coming to what she thought was Davout’s defense too much.

I’m sympathetic to Anna’s situation, but she does provoke the kittens far more than they deserve.  Anna acts only a bit more strongly to her, than she does to Davout who has bent over backwards to seem non-threatening for years now.

When Anna was safe in her room, it didn’t take Rhea long to get comfy in the spot she left behind.


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