Quite the Day

In the morning the kittens had a normal excursion out back.

With the cool weather, there is no A/C unit noise to scare Davout away from the far parts of the yard, and nobody in the pool either.

Sometime in the afternoon a gust of wind popped the back door open and the kittens popped out themselves for some extra outside time.  Davout was good and stayed on the patio.

Rhea was almost good, only going down the stones a short way.

I brought Anna down an was a bit more relaxed about letting them skirmish. Rhea charged the door a time or two, then they settled down to glare at each other.

When Rhea got tired of that, she warily retired to this cubby a couple of feet farther back.  She doesn’t seem to realize that if the door makes her bounce off when she charges Anna, then Anna can’t get at her either.   When she got tired of this, she crept off and did her own thing in other parts of the room.

Anna seems no more or less upset after this than when nobody messes with her.  She’s funny that way.

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